Sub-metering & RUBS are proven methods of recovering and controlling utility cost at multifamily properties. They are legal, cost effective, and an accepted Energy Conservation Measure. Properties that implement Sub-metering and/or RUBS programs recognize their fiduciary responsibility to promote conservation. The Sub-metering of electricity, gas & water (including sewer) can reduce consumption 15 – 40 percent.

UBill is a web-based Utility Billing Software Product, for Property Management / Resident Welfare Associations to bill the residents for utilities and recover utility costs. It supports Sub-metering, RUBS & Budget method of Billing. It has provision for Convergent Billing to include common area maintenance expenses and other charges in one invoice.

Key Features :

Supports multiple billing methods : Sub-metered, RUBS and Budget

Flexible Billing Cycles

Customizable – Messages, Charges and Due dates.

Payments, Collection and Reconciliation.

Central Reporting: Categorized and well organized with easy access.

Highly Secure : AnCenergy User Manager Screen and Action Level Access control

Multiple Levels of Access on Web : Portfolio, Property Manager and Residents

Graphical flow charts and Menu driven navigation

Easy 3-Step Cycle Billing