Engagement Model

AnCenergy engagement models are customer centric and flexible. We offer the following models of engagement, offshore, onsite and hybrid models

In the offshore model, all the phases of the project are carried out in our development center. The offshore team will be managed by our experienced project manager/s who will be responsible for managing the technical, delivery and all project related updates.

In the onsite model, our team of consultants are equipped to customer location, they closely interact with the in-house team for the success of the project.

In the hybrid model combines the best of the onsite and offshore models. The onsite technical team liaise with the customer and the offshore team to understand the business needs and involve in all the phases of project cycle. Hybrid model provides scalability and ensures quality results.

The pricing models offered by AnCenergy is Fixed Price, Time and Material (Resource Based), and Hybrid which is Time and Material with cap on the maximum cost.

Development Methodology

At AnCenergy, depending on the type of project and client needs, we are flexible to follow a classic waterfall method and also the Agile Development Methodology – Scrum.